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Stipendiet till USA för dig som är 15 eller äldre.

North American Station (NAS) sponsorerar ett utbytesprogram för seglare i de kungliga klubbarna i Norden och företrädare för ”NAS” i USA. Stipendiet passar alla juniorer med seglingsintresse. Om det blir frågan om kappsegling, långfärdssegling eller resande i USA, beror på dina egna önskemål och den familj som du bor hos i USA. Ett par veckor i en annan världsdel med nya vänner ger dig upplevelser att minnas.

Intresserad? Mejla eller ring John Blässar 050 555 5650.


The North American Station sponsors a summer exchange program enabling young sailors from Scandinavia to sail and race in America and young Americans to sail and race in Scandinavia. Over the years about 200 junior sailors have benefited from the program.


The young sailors who come to the U.S. should be:

15-17 years-old mature outgoing and friendly true ambassadors of their yacht clubs and countries eager to participate actively in the host club’s junior program. The purpose of the program is to give each individual the opportunity to live at home in an American family for two weeks or more (situations vary), to become integrated into the sailing life of the family and community, and also to have a social life that allows ”hang out” time with American teenagers with whom they share the common interest of sailing.


The program is not meant to be an alternative to an English language course.

Neither is it meant to be a training and proving ground for the most skilled racing sailors.

The primary goal is friendship established through a cultural exchange and interchange between the United States and Scandinavia via sailing. Many of the program’s sailors and families have built lasting relationships. It is our objective to continue with that as our purpose within the context of sailing, which we can accomplish together through careful selection of representatives from your club.
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