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At NJK Sailing Center we have three different levels for training:
Blue track, Red track, Black track


Blue Track

For beginners and those with only a little sailing experience. The Blue Track trains primarily on Mondays at 5-9pm with the idea of familiarizing participants with theory of sailing and practical boat handling in various situations. It would be ideal, if participants had participated in one of the Beginner Sailing Courses

-Boat type: 606
-Price: Membership or punch cards
-Coaches: Marinella Laaksonen / Ilya Baraev


Red Track

Teams train with a coach weekly on Mondays, starting at 5.40pm with a briefing. The Red Track is meant for teams with sailing experience, but perhaps not so much racing experience. Also ideal for new teams, who still have work to do in terms of teamwork, maneuvers and tactics of racing.

-Boat type: J80
-Price: Membership or punch cards
-Coaches: Marinella Laaksonen / Ilya Baraev


Black Track

for the more established teams, who wish to be coached at clinics, organised over weekends, or consecutive week-day evenings. The teams train together (usually on Thursdays) without a coach.

  • Boat type: J80


You register to one of the tracks at the same time when you pay your membership fee. The tracks are not fixed, so people can, if needed, move between tracks during the season.


Courses and lectures

We also organize courses and clinics for our sailors as well as lectures where you can learn about rules, theoretics and much more.

For more information on our courses and lectures, click here.


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