NJK / Sailing Center / Materials

Materials for NJK Sailing Center skippers and crew members



Skippers contract 2019

-Skippers need to sign and return this before sailing

Boat booking

-Boat booking calendar for J80 and 606. If you do not have access to the calendar, contact (only for skippers!)

Center Cups 2019 sign up

Boat report form

Damage payment

Talkoo attendance form



Skippers Contract 2018

Boat booking

Damage payment



Sailing Contract 2017

Damage payment

NJK Sailing Center Activities 2017

Organizing a Match RaceRegatta-lecture_2017

Center handbook – All sailors should read this (under updating)

MR Center Cup 2017 Materials and info



Sailing contract 2016 – Skippers need to sign and return this before sailing

Boat Checklist

Boat booking rules

Boat booking system

Match racing test rules

Slides from the test rules lecture and other test rules material (MR test rules have changed for 2016. These rules are used in all NJK SC races and mr practice sessions)

Skills and boat handling

NJK SC J80 Crew handbook – preparation and roles

GPS & Video Match Race Replay – (c) Mika Niemi
GPS & Video Match Race Replay – User’s guide

Replays and analysis

NJK SC GPS, Videos and analysis – sorted by event

Lecture slides 2015

Activities of NJK Sailing Center 2015 (pdf)
Dennis Paetau: Team skills & crew roles in J80 boat (ppt)
Role sheet for teams to fill during coached sessions (ppt)
Jon Eriksson: Matchracing Tactics – Downwind

Match Racing Lecture slides (c) Ville Väresmaa

Introduction to Match racing
Pre-start tactics
Dealing with penalties
Tactics on track

Other materials

Lecture on match racing tactics by Björn Hansen at NJK 2014

Great 45 min video introduction to match racing by Dave Perry (Link to the whole playlist)
Part 1

Racing rules of sailing
Match race call book with comments about 2016 test rules
Match race call book
Match racing playbook
Match racing book
Match racing online magazine

What events there are to attend

Finland/Estonian events

Match racing ISAF rankings

How to start match racing? / Kuinka aloittaa purjehdus match race -lajissa?

A guide in Finnish from the Finnish Match Racing Association website:

Here are videos showing sailing at NJK Match Race Center with the J80 boats. These videos include commentators, so you can understand all the action included. Enjoy!

Viivi Avellan learning to sail at NJK

Vauraus Women’s Match Racing National Championships 2013 at NJK

Older tv broadcasts of match race championships at NJK

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