Beginner Sailing Courses


There will be a beginner sailing course in May 2020. No previous experience is required, but even if you have been sailing before you’re more than welcome!

During the course you will learn theory and practice about boat parts and names, how the sails work, basic knots, harbor maneuvers under sails and how to sail the boat as a crew and as a skipper. This will give you a good foundation to continue sailing yourself or on weekly Monday training at NJK.


Course dates and place:

  • Sat 11.- Sun 12.7. NJK

The day starts at 9am and finishes at 4.3pm. The coaches will send more detailed information to all participants before the course.

Head coach during our sailing courses will be Ilya Baraev, experienced sailor, skipper and instructor. The language of instruction is English.

Course fee: 250€. Participants get a 50 euro discount on the season fee when they join for season 2020.

NJK members pay 200€ course fee.


Registration form for Beginner Sailing Course can be found below.

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